Something to talk about.

I would like to thank those of you who keep checking my blog, despite the fact that I have not been updating.

So, in an effort to hold attention, for the next few months; because I will blog consistently in January, when I hopefully go to London for a semester!

This summer I am interning at NBC.  It is a great experience, I am learning so much and I actually get to have a lot of hands on experience like editing and filming.

Yesterday, my team found out that we had to put together a segment for the Today Show about energy shots and its raise in popularity.

So check out the video…we put this together in one day, and for those of you in TV you know how hard it is to shoot b-roll, conduct an interview, write a script and edit in just a few hours.

2 thoughts on “Something to talk about.

  1. Enjoyed reading all of your articles.. You write very well and express your thoughts thoroughly. I will be looking for ward to reading additional articles.

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