What a Feeling

For the first time since Freshman year, I am loving Syracuse. Last year left something to be desired.  I would not say that being a Resident Advisor was torture, but I was forced into focusing on campus activities that I was blinded from the beauty of the outside world.  Not to mention Lawrinson is located in the worst part of Syracuse.

Now that I reside on the outskirts of the university I am able to be reminded of why I was so eager to return after freshman year.

I’ve rediscovered:

-Long bike rides up the hills leading towards Nottingham High School where I found the serene peace of suburbia.

-A stairway next to my apartment that leads to a small park overlooking the city and with a picturesque sunset.

-Downtown, not as boring as I though.

-Random stores in the neighborhood.  An organic food store is located down the street sandwiched between residential homes.

-The state fair, trashy yet understated. The effort to educate on solar energy and supporting locally grown produce helps to shed light on why the state fair exist.  For those of you who don’t know; the NY State Fair originated in celebration and support of local agriculture.  Today most people attend the fair for the performances, fried food and binge acceptability.

In this end-of-summer weather it is easy to get lost in the beauty of upstate New York. Go for a run and get lost in the winding roads off Meadowbrook, bike up Euclid, take a nap by the pond.

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