Sleigh ride with some friends of mine

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Now naysayers I do not want to hear you complain because quite frankly nothing you say about the holiday season can bring this tree decorating half Jew down.  With holiday carols, family gatherings and my birthday (being a Christmas baby, I had to add that in) reflection is usually a big part of the holiday tradition.

The way I see it, Christmas time is not so much about the holiday itself, but more about remembering your purpose on earth.  We could look at this as a biblical reference that Christ was born on this day and he later went on to sacrifice himself for the people of God.  But for those of you that don’t really care about the meaning of Christmas or don’t have faith; Christmas leads us right into the new year where we feel as though change in life is necessary.  But why do we need to make a change? I mean if we have negative feelings about our lives why can’t we just make a change whenever?

Why is it the new years means crash diets and resolutions?
Can our society realize that new years are just a continuation of time.  The world is so consumed in following trends it is out of hand.  Just because it is a new year does not mean you have to change something.  So I challenge you, this year don’t make a new years resolution.  Instead, follow a passion or routine you enjoy.  For example, I practice yoga a few times a week.  I plan on continuing that through the new year just cause I always go to yoga class.  I did not start yoga at the beginning of the last year, I simply began on a whim and now I love the practice.

If you don’t have something that you enjoy, find a passion, because passion really is a wonderful thing.

So how did I start on a rant on new years resolutions from Christmas mania?
Because it all comes full circle, every year. The decorations come out and people begin planning for the new year.  Stop focusing on the cycle and focus on yourself.  Enjoy this time while it’s here don’t focus on what’s to come, live in the holiday season, you might actually enjoy it this year.

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