Day 2

My thoughts on London so far are positive.  But part of me thinks I’m not as far from home as I actually am.  Except for the posh accents and looking right and then left before crossing a street I feel like London and New York City are an extension of the other.  Don’t get me wrong, I love New York City, but something about London, after 48 hours, has left me craving more.  I don’t know what I want more of, but I’m sure I will experience the differences that make this city unique.  Today was a busy day though, but I am feeling settled into the flat and learning my way around.

Needless to say it rains in London.  And today I got my first glimpse at the on and off showers that stereotype this beautiful city.  Luckily I had my handy little umbrella this morning when my roommate Alyssa and I went to get breakfast for the flat.  We found a cute little pastry shop owned by a french woman.  The fact that we found a charming french bakery just a few blocks from out flat could be a potential problem because it was delicious and I’m sure very fattening.

After breakfast in the flat all five of the roommates (Marlei, Alyssa, Madison, Lizzy and I) went to settle our rent, and walk around Holborn to activate our cell phones and get a feel for the area in which we will be attending class.

When we finally got home around four in the afternoon I went for a lovely London run.  It was starting to get dark so I stayed in the area near my flat.  As I ran I mentally made a list of about six pubs that I must revisit. There will be more on beer selection and food addictions to come.  But I must also tell you there are a great number of Mediterranean and other ethnic restaurants right near my flat.

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