Watch the tram car please, week in review.

During my childhood my family and friends would vacation at a small beach just outside the trashy part of Wildwood.  And if you’ve been to Wildwood, you know why I emphasize the fact that we stayed on the outskirts. Anyway, a little part of London has reminded me of my childhood days at the Jersey Shore.   For years now the words “Watch the tram car please, watch the tram car please…” have resonated with an essence of summer, boardwalk and family. But the other day as I was leaving the Tube some new words somehow reminded me of the Wildwood boardwalk slogan, “Mind the gap please, mind the gap please.” It might be that I am subconsciously searching for signs of familiarity, but no matter what psychological interpretation you decide I think of the tram car every time I hear those four words in constant repetition as I enter and exit the Tube.

On another note, this Tuesday marked my first week in London.  Classes began Monday on a brilliant note.  Some minor class changes and assessing my graduation status left me exhausted and reconsidering my internship with Fox News. But before I made any decision I had to see how the rest of the week played out.  So here we are, Wednesday night, no more classes for the week, a full day at Fox News covering the Yemen discussion in London (where Hilary Clinton is making an appearance), and a trip to Stonehenge to look forward for this weekend.

The results: Fox is great! The people I work with come from all different backgrounds and have great perspectives on life.  Not exactly the bias journalist everyone looks down upon (at least the people I know).  At Fox News I will be editing, pitching stories, filming and anything else I have the desire to work on.  It’s quite a unique opportunity to be so free.

From the connections I’ve found in London whether highlighting my childhood or meeting new friends, the rainy days and Tube rides have become my routine, my life, my home.  Yes, London feels like home.

2 thoughts on “Watch the tram car please, week in review.

  1. Great to hear from you. I should have my students do a similar “childhood memory” essay. Be great and have fun! -Greg

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