Pirate Alien Space Landing

Today we went to see some rocks.  Yes, of course, the most famous rocks in all of England, Stonehenge.  Our tour guide, Dave, was very interesting in that before we got off the bus at Stonehenge he told us about the many theories behind the rocks. Basically why they are placed in a specific design and how the rocks actually got to the current location.  I wont go through all of them, if you are really interested you can Wikipedia ‘Theories about Stonehenge.’ Anyway, besides the amusing stories about people who believe aliens put the rocks in place I had a great time discussing the other theories behind Stonehenge and making some of our own. After all, our university is located in Bloomsbury.

Following the stop at Stonehenge we traveled to Salisbury.  A quaint town about two hours outside of London.  The town of Salisbury is home of the Salisbury Cathedral which holds one of the four copies of the Magna Carta, the document which U.S. democracy is based upon. It was interesting to see because it is one piece of paper, written in beautiful Latin script.

I could not take a picture of the document, silly church rules, but I did manage to snap a shot of the cathedrals exterior complete with Dave, our tour guide, giving us some witty comment about how important the Magna Carta is to all democratic societies.

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