You say tomato, I say f*** you.

Tomato or tom-ah-to. Silly changes in words mean so much to the people of England.  Learning the “proper” English lingo has been quite exciting.  From walking to the tube station or going to the local pub I like to think I’ve absorbed some of the British ways. For instance, going to the London markets really ticks my boxes.  I love it! Each one is unique with different foods, clothing, and jewelry.  But the thing they do have in common is that they are all brilliant with abundances of mulled wine, cheese, spices and of course crepes.

It is my second weekend in London and I’ve already been to Portobello Road, Greenwich Market, Brick Lane, Columbia Road and Old Spitalfields Market.  Last weekend was the beginning.  The school hosted a trip to Greenwich, a small town just outside Central London, the market featured great food from around the world. My roommates and I made a video of our lunch.

The following day two of my flatmates, Marlei and Alyssa, and I went to Portobello Road, it is in Notting Hill.  Portobello road is known as the world’s largest antique market, but I was pleasantly surprised to find much more than antiques.  The street performers and food stands were incredible.  My favorites of the market include the Elvis Costello impersonator and the churros dipped in chocolate.

Sunday the school hosted a trip to three of the markets and it was great fun.  First, we popped by the Columbia Road flower market. It’s truly a locals market with men yelling out prices and offering deals.  The aroma was intoxicating as we passed through row after row of beautiful orchids, roses, lilies and more.

Then we went to Brick Lane for Beigels and vintage clothing.  Brick Lane is something you could easily find in New York City it is down a narrow street that is closed off to cars.  Along the road are vendors with Middle Eastern food, fried chips and crepes.  Also over two dozen vintage clothing stores, most have relatively fair prices.

The final market was Old Spitalfields.  This market is the most organized of all the markets, the accessories and clothing at one end and the food at another, this made it easy to navigate.  Out of all the markets this was the most reasonable priced because the quality of clothing was good for the amount you would spend.  I did not buy clothing because someone told me to spend money on experience not material, so I’ve made a point of experiencing the food at each market.

I still have a few more London markets to explore, so stay tuned. And I hope you picked up a few hints of my blossoming accent.

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