One Fine Day

Today marks the best day of my life! Okay that’s a big statement, but honestly, sometimes it really is the little things in life that make you realize how fortunate you are. This morning I woke up to a brightly lit room as rays of sunlight streamed through the blinds. I immediately had a smile on my face. Within minutes I knew that today was going to be spectacular. I grabbed my yoga pants, put on my running shoes and set out for a morning walk.
First, I had the intention of going towards Hyde Park but became distracted by hidden allies and mews. I continued to meander for about an hour. I then followed my instincts and within 30 minutes I was right back where I started.
My plan for the rest of the day was to attend a school sponsored tour of Westminster Abbey. It was the perfect day to be a tourist.

Our tour guide Norman, an 80 years old man was born and raised in Britain.  He makes a point of telling you how proud he is of his culture.  But I have to hand it to him because he knew how to get us moving.  By the end of the 2 hours of long detailed descriptions about medieval architecture and seeing over 200 graves and memorials (amongst them Charles Darwin and Oscar Wilde) the entire group was whipped out.

Once Norman bid us farewell Maddy, Emma and I walked over the Thames and then went to Borough Market to get supplies for dinner.  My plan was to make salmon with vegetables and of course we had to buy bread at the market. I do love the markets!


To sum it up, today was my perfect London day. Today I realized the culture and the uniqueness of London. Today I had a smile glued to my face. And yes, it’s still there.

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