Being a regular

For one of my classes we had to read about London culture in Kate Fox’s Watching the English, and of course the pub is a well known staple of life in England.  In a pub life is different, as soon as you enter you are immediately close friends with everyone in the place and no boundaries are too far to cross.  My local pub is called The Volunteer.  There are approximately two dozen pubs within a 10 minute walk from my flat, but The Volunteer is the one that I claim to be mine.

I say it is mine because a regular is defined as someone who frequents a pub once or more times a week.  And seeing as how it is Monday and I just returned after enjoying a half pint of cider black at the Volunteer with Madi, and have every intention of returning Wednesday for wine night, I am a regular.

Anyway, The Volunteer is a 5 minute walk from my flat and serves an array of foods and drinks.  It is simply your classic London pub, with a little extra.  Witty bar tenders, board games, live DJ on Sundays and of course the perfect atmosphere for an after work/school drink.

For anyone planning a long stay in London, I highly recommend finding your pub, because once you do you truly being to feel like a Londoner.

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