Aye Yankee!

This is a week delayed, but I’m sure those of you reading this can appreciate that I do not want to spend all of my time in front of a computer with all that is going on outside the walls of my flat in Marylebone.

Edinburgh Day 1

Between Friday, Feb. 12 through Sunday, Feb. 14 I was in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Let me begin by saying that the stereotypes are true.  The Scottish do drink a lot and some of them do wear kilts as their attire for everyday life.

The interest in visiting Edinburgh was mainly because my friend Kirsty goes to school there.  The moment I stepped off the train I realized that Edinburgh might be one of the most beautiful cities I’ve every seen.  The architecture, the mountain side background, the castles and statues and churches.  This is Europe.

We walked through the cobble stone streets to get to her flat, just a five minutes walk from the train station, but like every college campus in Upstate New York, the University of Edinburgh is situated on a hill.  The continuous climb upward reminded me of home.

I dropped my belongings in the flat and then we set off to sight see. And lovely music played as we walked down the picturesque streets.

We walked up a large hill to see the castle and its surroundings.

Later in the evening we met up with another friend of mine, Liz.  Liz was in a program three years ago visiting my high school. She stayed at my house for a couple weeks and we have managed to stay in touch.  It was lovely getting to know her then and so great to see her during this trip.

Edinburgh Day 2

I know Kirsty because she plays water polo.  So naturally she had Saturday practice.  I was offered to join, but they had a game later that day and I have not been swimming since December. I also wanted to sight see.  So, I climbed a mountain.I had about an hour to wonder while Kirsty practiced and then I returned to watch the water polo match.  The area I climbed is called Holyrood Park.  It is situated at the bottom of a long street called the Royal Mile.  At the top of the Royal Mile, the castle; the bottom, Parliament and the Queens Palace.  Also, at the bottom of the street is this park. You can see the palace to the right.  This picture was taken mid way up during my climb.

The hike was great exercise and really peaceful. The park was filled with families and kids running around and up the mountain, but they did not bother me. It was just a lovely day.  And I saw a man doing yoga in the middle of the mountain area.  The mountains made a ‘U’ shape so this is in the middle of the ‘U’.

Evening of Day 2

After the water polo match the team met up at a pub for dinner and pints.  I discovered a new way to drink cider.  It is called cider black.  Basically cider with a little syrup that makes it taste like blueberries.  The water polo team took a liking to me instantly and insisted on calling me Yankee (figures).  They also liked to serenade me with the verse “Yankee doodle went to town riding on a pony.” It was all in great fun, and the  only thing I could do was laugh.  The rest of the night was spend dancing and singing at one of the University of Edinburgh’s student unions.

Day 3

On Sunday, Feb. 14 I had breakfast with Kirsty and said goodbye.  The 4 and half hours on the train were relaxing and I was ready to be back in London for the busy week that followed.


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