You know when that perfect song plays on your ipod at just the right moment? Well on the 45 minute flight from London Heathrow to Amsterdam Schipol airports I decided to put my iPod on shuffle.

Zoning in and out of sleep the music was just background noise until the song Amsterdam by Guster came on at just the right moment. Now, call it cliché or call it coincidence, to me it was perfect. The pilot indicated we were making our descent and after the 3 minutes and 36 seconds song had finished I shut off my iPod. We landed just five minutes later.

Marlei and I set off for the city with new found energy. The flight was at 7:45 so as you can imagine we had already had a long morning.   Since we could not check into our hostel until 3pm we decided to wonder the city. First we ate brunch in Dam Square, just a few blocks from our hostel it has a shopping area and tourist attractions. After we refueled we came across our hostel just a few blocks from Dam Square and decided to see if we could put our bags down. We eventually decided to just keep our backpacks with us after a chat with the receptionist who gave us maps and told us how to get to all the key places.

Our first day was set: Flower Market, other markets, pancake restaurant, Anne Frank Museum, hostel for nap, Ethiopian food for dinner and then a night of people watching in the Red Light District. (Our hostel was in the Red Light District-so that made the people watching very easy).

Saturday was beautiful in Amsterdam the canals were glowing with sunlight and since it is the perfect walking city we wondered the canals all day until (We decided to skip the museums because they cost about 15 euro each) we met our friends for the Heineken factory tour.

Marlei and I also decided to have a photo shoot with the I Amsterdam sign.

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