Praha with the Mama

La Vie Boheme
The Easter Market
When traveling to Prague it is important to note the time of year.  I suggest spring or Christmas time.  During the spring the city comes to life as the trees begin to bloom and the cold of the winter is washed away by the occational spring shower.  Another added bonus to traveling to Prague in the Spring is you might be lucky enough to catch the Easter Market.
Booths of wooden toys, tourist souveniers, roast ham and Pilsner beer fill the stands at Prague’s famous Easier Market.  The market spreads over two of Prague’s most famous attractions, Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square.  While the two areas do not directly connect the streets of Prague make for an easy walk from one to the other.  The highlight of the market is at night.  As dusk falls the women of Prague sing on a stage infront of Church of Our Lady Before Tyn.
The lights begin to turn on and the Old Town Square is illumated with the brilliant light beams and glow of the pointing peaks of the church.  A sea of people waiting for the clock of the astronomical clock to turn add to the excitment of the already lively festivies. Live music plays from every cornor of the square, jazz resemblant of that from the French Quarters in New Orleans blast from bars that line the small streets of the old town.
Leading up to christmas a similar market takes place, only in place of the painted easter eggs I would imagine a more christmas theme for decorations.
Prague is a small city, easy to walk most places, but having a metor pass makes travel outside the tourist areas more pleasant.  A three day metro pass is offered upon arrvial at the airport. The three day pass can be used for the metro, bus and tolley cars throughout the city. During the visit we decided to take full advantage of our three day metro pass and took a trolley ride all around the city.  This way we were able to relax and sit, but enjoy a beautiful view from the Old Town near the castle to newer more metropolitan sections of the city.  We also went for dinner at Gusto, an Italian restaurant just outside the tourist section of Prague.  It was about a seven minute metro ride from the main Mustek underground station.  The food was delicious and the price was just right.  In fact, it was probably the cheapest meal we ate in Prague, with the expection of our lunch at the Easter Market.  keep in mind when traveling to Prague that there is a 20% food tax when you eat in a resaurant. You are also then expected to leave a tip for the waiter. So while a meal might seem resonable priced, be sure to think through the added costs.
A Morning Haze
A morning walk that we did started at the Old Town side of the Charles Bridge where you can admire the statues and morning haze of the city which resides on a river.  Continue to walk across the bridge and up the hill towards the castle.  Don’t forget to go back to the bridge though.
Under the bridge is like a whole new world. If you need a break I suggest going for a glass of wine.  Dusk is the best time for wine under the bridge as the day turns to night the lights of the Charles Bridge bring a new character to the area.  Much like seeing the Old Town Square at night verus the daytime. We went to a restaurant called Veronsky Dum.  The hot wine, house red wine and house white wine were all tasted and met the approval of us travelers.

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