Life as a Coffee Bean

For my final project abroad I put together a piece that combines my passion for video with my addiction to coffee.   For six months I frequented coffee shops through Central London.  One in particular became my regular spot, Flat White.  The barista’s welcomed me into the cafe with enthusiasm for the art of making coffee.  Cameron McClure, owner of Flat White not only shares my passion for coffee, but he helped to enhance my appreciation for drinking artisan coffee.  

The coffee culture of London is growing and it is people like McClure, who brough New Zealand style coffee to the United Kingdom.   This tea obsessed nation is transforming to a place that appreciates steamed milk and fine espresso.

There is also a certain humor in the addiction that inspired this video!

2 thoughts on “Life as a Coffee Bean

  1. Great film, Alex.

    What tools do you use?
    — video cam?
    — editing software?
    — other tools?

    I’m signed up to receive comments on this post, so just reply here and WordPress should do
    the rest

    I’m glad your London life goes so well.

    Regards from Cambridge — the one in Massachusetts, not Cambridgeshire!

    — Cousin Doug Davidoff

    1. Thanks for commenting, I use the school camera equipment and final cut express editing software. I just got back to America last night and am moving to New York City on Sunday for a summer internship with NBC.

      Thanks for checking my blog!

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