A city girl

After five months of traveling around Europe and now settling into my new apartment in Manhattan I can be absolutely certain that I am a city girl. Sure I can appreciate the beauty in the country side and the breathtaking sunsets over the Mediterranean. But there is something special about a city.


The magic of London is not hidden, you can see it just by walking down Oxford Street. The little side streets towards Bentwick Market and St. Christopher’s Place are proof that this city holds some of the best kept secrets in the world. The streets all tell a story, whether it is of the local coffee shop or the escapes of Jack the Ripper. And even the most local of Londoners still don’t know every crevice of the city.


The beauty is in the air, it’s in the people, it’s in the ever present aroma of fresh baked croisants and baguettes. Not to mention the Eiffel Tower that stands at 324 meters (1,603 feet) high. Paris is incredible you can take a leisurely walk along the Seine during a sunny spring day, relax in one of the many parks, Luxembourg Park is my favorite, or just sip wine while taking in a view from Champ de Mars.


Pizza Pizza Pizza! Need I say more? Rome has all the character of a large city but it is easy to get around and is deceivingly small. And of course the food is amazing, the people are friendly and the history that accompanies this city is only comparable to the next city on the list…


While this city has the history to keep it on the top of some list, it is not one of my favorite cities. But I do appreciate the effort Greece! The people in Athens are not the friendliest and there are times when you don’t feel safe even in the most touristy of areas. Athens has recently been under renovations as reconstruction to the Parthenon and other monumental buildings takes place. Despite my dislike for the renovations, the city is nice for walking around and climbing the surrounding mountains, the peaks offer some of the best views I’ve ever seen!


For the capital of Europe some would expect this to be the greatest of all cities. Well sadly it’s not. The fact is Brussel’s does not try to be the best, the locals know they are special because frankly it is a special place. I mean leaders from the entire European Union meet in this very place to discuss the most important matters of the world. I guess that gives the city bonus points. And the people are so un-phased by tourist or even pop-culture. They simply live to the beat of their own drum.

New York

What can I say about New York? It is a baby compared to the other cities. But there might be something to that, New York doesn’t have the hidden streets like London, the historic landmarks of Rome and Athens or even a fresh aroma. Truth be told, New York can smell, it’s loud, if you wear sandals outside you should probably clean your feet when get home.  But there is something special, a spark. The lights of Broadway glimmer at all hours, the people are actually super friendly-just make sure you catch them after their morning coffee. Since New York is the baby of this group of cities it has learned from the mistakes of others.  The streets are actually big enough so a double decker bus can fit through without the threat of hitting the person on the pavement and the diversity of people you meet in New York is incomparable.

If you like cities as much as I do the next time you venture into an unknown metropolis take a minute and notice the feelings of the city. Every city has an aura. You can feel the vibe as you walk down the street. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just get lost and see where the city leads you. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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