Time Travel Is Possible

Disclaimer: I wrote most of this on little to no sleep.

It is currently 7:30am on Sunday morning in Kathmandu. Hello from the future!

After a long day, almost a full 24 hours, of traveling we arrived in Kathmandu. The journey there was pleasant, but long. We flew Emirates Airlines to Dubai. Emirates was by far the best airline I’ve ever flown.

Let’s begin with the helpful lady who checked us in at JFK, it wasn’t until we boarded the flight that I wanted to give her a huge thank you! She put us in seats next to each other (we weren’t before since we booked separately) and it was an exit row! So yes during flight I busted out some awesome lunges and attempted sun salutations minus the chateranga.

The plane food was amazing (Audrey this should be the only airline you fly–nom nom nom).

We arrived in Dubai at 8:30am (local time) on Saturday (left JFK at 11am on Friday) and decided to venture out into the city. We went to the tallest building and took pictures of the outside and inside the Dubai Mall, it’s not a cheap place inside these tourist spots, so we just wandered before heading back to the airport for our flight to Nepal.

Can’t report much about the flight to Kathmandu since both Kate and I passed out the second we fastened ourselves into the seat. So after a forgettable four hours we were in Kathmandu.

Something to note about Kathmandu is that the government shuts the power off for 10 hours a day. When we arrived it was during a powerless time. Our hostel runs on generators so we had one working light in the room. The hostel manager and hiking guide walked us to a local restaurant with great Nepali food! I wish I took picture to share of it, but by then we were so out of it we just needed to eat and sleep.

Final thought of this post: the stray dogs of Kathmandu scare me. I love dogs but these guys are load barkers and vicious for food. Thankfully they seem to avoid people as much as I try to avoid them!

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