Hiking in the Himalayas

Tuesday morning Kate and I had planned to wake up at 3:40am to catch a car to take us to higher altitudes. Lucky for us jet lag is still hitting us so we (accidentally) fell asleep at 7pm Monday night. Therefore when we woke up at 2am our car at 4am couldn’t come fast enough.

When the time finally came, we met our trekking guide Chabin and our driver (never got his name) in the lobby of the guest house.

The cars in Nepal remind me of Egypt, they are very dusty, make lots of noise, and the drivers are crazy. In the pitch black and chill of the early morning the very old, very load car we entered needed time to warm up. But once we started driving my nerves were running wild (thank you mother). The car was creeping along the highway as trucks and motorbikes passed. I honestly thought the car was going to break down.

Thankfully we made it to our destination, Nagarkot Mountain, to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas.

After sunrise we ate breakfast at View Point Hotel which is owned by the brother of the manager at our guesthouse. Then the four hour trek began!

The altitude was definitely slowing Kate and I down but we managed alright. It was spectacular to walk through the mountains and get a glimpse of the different villages in the Nagarkot region. The villages ranged in size and type. We followed a path through farming villages and wealthier, well kept villages and passed by an indigenous village of people with a completely separate culture and language than the Nepalis.

We passed through a Hindu temple site and made our final stop at one of the world heritage sites, Changu Narayan. Here you can find several relics in their natural environment. One example of this is the Chanda Narayan figure that is from the 7th century. The image of this figure is depicted on the 10 rupees bill.

After the hike Kate and I needed a relaxing afternoon of sitting in the sun and shopping around our neighborhood.







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