Leisure day

Monday was our get a feel for the city day! Which means we basically had no plans. Kate and I walked from Themal where we are staying to Kathmandu’s Durbar square.


Since Durbar Square was our last stop on Sunday we were too exhausted to really enjoy it. Visiting the square on Monday morning instead of the afternoon gave us a chance to see the morning food vendors and look at the people heading to work. Note: Sunday is the equivalent of our Monday in the United States; back to work!

From Durbar Square we walked to a coffee shop to warm up with some tea. The mornings have been quite brisk at close to 30 degree temperatures. By midday it usually gets to 60 degrees. Getting through the cold mornings have been rough, especially since no one has indoor heat. Many people stand outside on the street next to a makeshift fire of cardboard and newspaper.

For lunch we went back to Themal where Kate’s friend recommended a restaurant called OR 2 K, that means “Light to Kathmandu.” Take a look at what we ate. Tofu Curry, Lentils and vegetables washed in iodine water and then rinsed in boiled water. The veggies were key for me! I was going through withdrawal since we have avoided uncooked foods.

From lunch we continued to walk and decided to visit the Garden of Dreams and the Three Goddesses shrines.


The day ended on the roof of our guesthouse where there is a nice garden overlooking the Himalayas. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we head to the mountains for a five hour hiking trip. The car ride is two hours long and the hike begins at sunrise. The next post should be full of picturesque Himalayan sunrise photos.





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