Wild boars and pad Thai

After a full day of travel from Kathmandu, Nepal to Chiang Mai, Thailand; Kate and I decided to have a low key day. We started with a simple breakfast: fruit and yogurt from a small cafe near our guesthouse. We were so thankful to be eating fruit again! The fruit in Nepal was not to be trusted.

From breakfast we roamed the area we can call home for the next four days. This part of town is know as Somphet Market. There are a lot of hotels in the area but ours has one of the best locations, right across from a big food market where we drank natural coconut water, yes from the coconut!


We also ate lunch here, all for about $2. I love how far a dollar can go in Thailand! “A dolla make me holla!”


The main sightseeing of the day was during a 2 hour boat cruise along the Mae Ping River. This river runs all the way to Bangkok from Northern Thailand. Our guide told us that in the days before modern technology, like passenger airplanes, people would take boats from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. This journey took three months.

On the boat cruise we passed the holiday houses of the former prime minister, saw the home of the princess who maintains a spectacular garden of sunflowers and got a glimpse at local lifestyles.

Part of the tour included a visit to a farm where you eat fresh fruit, see wild animals (the boars were asleep, kinda a let down) and learn about farming techniques used by Thai people.

During the walk around the farm our guide said that this farm was used for filming parts of Rambo 4. I haven’t seen it, but the farm is directly up against the lake and apparently there is a scene where Rambo is standing in the river while it is raining. The guide was very excited to show us this area.

But Rambo 4 aside, the farm was very interesting. We smelled several plants and herbs like basil, lemon grass, citronella and ginger.







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