Mexican Food in Thailand

It is about time that I dedicate a post purely to food. Thus far Thailand has exceeded my expectations- which were fairly high in terms of quality, cheap and simply delicious food options. The one thing I did not expect in Chiang Mai is the over abundance of Tex-Mex food. Seriously, the streets of Chiang Mai are lined with burritos, tacos and margaritas.

A typical food day for our travel group, that now includes Chris (Kate’s friend from college) starts with a simple breakfast of yogurt with amazing fruit:  dragon fruit, passion fruit, pineapple, mango and banana topped with muesli.20130113-103303.jpg

20130113-095607.jpgMy blog would not be complete without an ode to coffee. A new favorite morning treat comes from the coffee shop across from our guest house, it’s a little place called Funky Dog. They make their own coffee, so they claim. They have an assortment of coffee drinks including the house special “Funky Dog” made with coconut milk, honey and espresso blended with ice. Simply marvelous.

For lunch we’ve been sticking to food vendors or small local restaurants. The dish of Chiang Mai is khao soi. A rice noodle based soup that is topped with crunchy noodle chips.

Khao soi is delicious and if I weren’t so curious about all the other foods that Thailand has to offer I would probably eat it everyday!

I do need to get my khao soi fix in now because according to my research it is not served in southern Thailand.


Here’s my bowl of khao soi with chicken, and proof of how delicious this dish was.



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