People Watching at the Night Bazaar

Markets are a large part of what makes Chiang Mai a wonderful city. If you’ve followed this blog since my days in London you know that markets are a huge part of who I am and how I experience different cultures. Even in Washington, D.C. I’ve found a large part of my lifestyle involves frequenting the many markets the city has to offer.

Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar is the biggest market I’ve ever been to. It spans about 40 city blocks, if not more offering everything from restaurant take out to foot massages. Kate and I simply could not resist the latter. But before enjoying a pampering we shopped.

First stop food!
The food choices were over whelming an we each tried three dishes. Somas, a different version of pad thai and sticky rice with mangos made the perfect range of food for dinner.




With full stomachs we embarkeapps a mission: buy pants. There is this one style of pant that all the women in Thailand are wearing (mainly tourist, but who am i to judge, they are super comfortable, light weight and appropriate for all the relgious worship places we are visiting).

For the rest of the evening we did our best people watching on a side street near the bazaar.




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