Collecting Asian Art

I am the first to admit that I’m a sucker for home decor, especially art work. After walking past a vendor with beautiful paintings of Thai settings I gave in! That has been my thing this trip, I’m going to have a very Asian themed room when I get back to The States.

The markets in Chiang Mai have been very exciting. There are lots of food vendors, several original paintings and handmade jewelry. I am also eyeing a certain type of beautiful silk kimonos, one will probably end up I’m my backpack before I head home.



With the cost of everything here being significantly cheaper than back home I can’t help but to spend $8 on TWO hand painted landscapes. The problem I now have is where to pack my precious new items.

Luckily when I was packing I thought this through making sure to pack clothes I would be okay tossing. Today marks my first unload. A sweater I wore everyday in Nepal, but never wore at home and my beat up jeans with a hole in the knee and crotch. The hardest part was letting go of the jeans I must say. They have been my uniform on every Habitat for Humanity trip I’ve been on. Our guesthouse took the clothes to donate, not sure where the clothes will go because the very kind guesthouse owner could not explain it in English. But I do hope they find a nice home or at the very least make a good cleaning towel.

Another part of the fabulous night at the market came before our shopping excursion. After getting massages on Sunday we were told by the masseuse that there was a celebration at the Wat down the road. She mentioned a movie, but it was so much more! Live music, dancing, free food and beverages. Basically a backpackers dream! The Wat community was so welcome and encouraged us to dance. Some of the older women joined in while the small children hugged their mothers legs and watched us in action.

Watch the video I took with my iPhone:

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