The Road to Pai

Leaving Chiang Mai
Monday was our final day in Chiang Mai. This city has impressed me in so many ways. From monks casually crossing the street to the woman who made me lunch for 25 baht (under $1) three out of four days.

During our time in Chiang Mai I had three massages; one foot, one traditional Thai and one aroma therapy oil massage. Simply amazing that each were about 150 baht (about $4.50).

We made our last adventure in Chiang Mai to Tiger Kingdom, one of Kate’s favorite places in the world. It’s basically a petting zoo for people to enjoy tigers at several stages of life. We opted for only petting the “small” tigers. These are six month old tigers.




The Road to Pai
The road to Pai is curves and bumps for a solid three hours, it’s not for someone with a weak stomach. The kid who sat in the seat in front of Kate and I knows this well. He was vomiting into a plastic bag as we weaved through the mountainous terrain in our 10 passenger minibus.

Aside from the unpleasant nature of the journey, the nature itself is astonishing. Jungled forests of exotic trees and wildlife guide you through the two lane road that leads the way.

I took a few pictures from my seat but the windows were tinted and the car was moving fast. Plus the images cannot give this beautiful drive justice.

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