Pai Life

While Pai is now considered a tourist destination, the town continues with the traditions that make it unique. In the mornings, just before and after 8am, you can hear a prayer being spoken from the Wat in the center of the main street. There are loud speakers throughout the town so even though our guesthouse is 2km from the Wat we could hear the prayers.

I can’t say enough about the accommodations in Pai. There are so many places to stay and we truly got lucky. After our first night staying in the center of town we moved to a nice village across the Pai River. Just an extra two minute walk to town.

This picture is what Pai Country Huts has to offer. And these types of guesthouses are ubiquitous in Pai.

If you are traveling to Pai I recommend just taking your chances. We simply got off the bus and starting walking around to find a room. It is possible to book in advance, but what’s the fun in that?

The road away from Pai is the same road in, about 720 curves that take you up and down the mountain area until the reach the valley region in Chiang Mai.

On the bus ride back to Chiang Mai we met two sisters, Ruth and Paula. Paula is living in Pai facilitating a program for Burmese refugees to go to school and Ruth was visiting from Florida. These two women inspire me. They are in their 70s and have traveled throughout Thailand these past few weeks. After meeting them Kate and I decided to make a pact to come back in 50 years. But next time we might stay in nice hotels and splurge on the plane to Bangkok and the islands, instead of the train, bus and boats we are about to embark.

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