Overnight Train to Bangkok



I really want a big juicey apple! It’s funny the things you take for granted when in a foreign country. Last night with dinner on the overnight train we were served Papaya. As I bit into it I thought, this is just not satisfying; I want an apple. (Mother: if you’re picking me up from the airport remember this).

The first three to four hours of the night train were pleasant; nice sunset to watch as we move past mountains and small villages in jungle like forests along the railroad tracks. We stared out the window until darkness fell. A good book and good company, the rest of the trip should be fine, so I thought.

Our seats were turned into beds just after 8pm and after an hour of reading it was time to sleep. But as the 14 hour trained ride passed through the night I woke up every hour until 6:30am when they changed our beds back to seats. Only to wait two more hours before arriving in Bangkok.

Kate and I walked into the train station like zombies. We uttered simple words like ‘food’, ‘egg’, ‘breakfast’. Because we were simply too tired to form full sentences.

After a nice meal of eggs, rice and soup we ventured to a pink cab (instead of yellow cabs like in New York, Bangkok cabs are hot pink). In the cab was the driver and his young son, I’d say just about 2 years old. The little one was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt. Each item had a cartoon figure of Psy with the words “Gangnamstyle” in bold letters. Needless to say, we were amused. Until the little boy started hitting us for no reason and his dad, our driver, had to punish him. Mind you we were on the roads in Bangkok, a city notorious for traffic; and this man was giving his child a punishment, in Thai.

I wonder what this kids name is? In Thailand children are named after they are born so that they fit a name to the personality. He was a normal two year old, but I was quite taken aback by him slapping us. What’s the Thai word I’m looking for here?


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