Gallery Tours in Bangkok

It’s always nice to travel with someone who has similar interests as yours. Kate and I pretty much see eye to eye on everything. So when I mentioned an idea of exploring some local modern art galleries in Bangkok she was all for it!

I got most of the gallery ideas from but narrowed down our galleries tour to select areas.

The tour began around Siam square where we were immediately approached by a woman offering to help us find our way. I guess two white girls stood out among all the Thai people in this part of town.

The woman was confused as to why we would want to visit a small art gallery, she instead tried to get us to go to a market and go shopping. After thanking her and giving a polite no thank you we continued on our way. Only to be approached by another woman, this one however was more helpful and knew the said gallery we wanted to visit.

Upon finding the White Space Gallery and the Art Gorillaz gallery (next door to each other) they both happened to be closed. There was also a sign that read closed until January 26. Womp womp

With are hopes a little bit drained we settled for foot, head and neck massages.

Feeling refreshed we set out for another gallery. The H Gallery is a small space that features local artists work. The main exhibition piece on display was a piece of video performance art. The theme was based on a Thai massage therapist who used the increase and decrease in the stock market and various other economic events to indicate pressure used in the practice.

There are live performances that take place in the space as well, there just were not any when we were there.

From the H Gallery we went to “Eat Me” as restaurant and gallery that is affiliated with the H Gallery. We indulged in artisan food at this place where the curator and chef take the same pride in the taste and look of the restaurant.


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