A rainy day in paradise


We made it to the islands! After four days in Bangkok and an excruciating 8 hours on the train from hell, we are in paradise. But it’s raining. (For more on the train from hell read Kate’s blog)

This is day 2 on the Thai islands. We spent yesterday in Koh Tao and have moved to Koh Phangan today to begin our scuba certification classes.

Paradise is not all fun and games though. We have homework. About 60 pages of reading (big text, not a lot of words on each page) for tonight and the an exam in the morning. All followed by four full days of classes and diving! Not exactly school, but not all play.

Yesterday on Koh Tao we made the most of our day. We rented a motor scooter; I drove because I am my mothers daughter and in that effect, a control freak.

We stumbled upon beautiful peaks and one glorious beach down at the bottom of a mountainous hill. To get to the beach we walked along a small wood bridge with clear termite damage. It was scary and exciting to walk along the old wood bridge, much like our entire journey on the motorbike.

After the beach visit we had to make it back up the big hill we drove down. This hill we so steep that we could not get back up and asked a little 80lbs. Thai man to drive up while we walked. A great and hilarious moment preceded by fear of rolling backward on a two wheel scooter (my first time driving one) and trying to push it up hill.

When we got back to our bungalow on the beach it was time for a beer. All in all a very enjoyable day on Koh Tao!





On January 23rd we arrived in Koh Phangan on a ferry boat packed with people just like us. Young travelers looking for a little escape. The boat ticket did not pay for a seat on the boat, that was an extra 30 baht, so most people opted to just sit on the boat deck.

That morning was rainy, I used my rain coat for the first time since leaving the cold of Nepal; and for the first time in the rain. Once the rain subsided the breeze was nice and it was a pleasant journey. Until it started raining again when we arrived on the island. It was one of those scattered shower kinds of days. But we made the most of it by reading our new class material and meeting with our instructor Nick!




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