We’re not in Chiang Mai anymore

It’s starting to dwindle. The cash in my wallet. That’s what the islands will do to you I suppose.

Glorious Koh Phangan, it has so much to offer. Beautiful beaches, scuba diving, partying, great food; but why oh why is it so over priced?

For instance this evening we tried, as we have succeeded in every other city in Thailand, to bargain a lower cost for a taxi ride. We failed. The taxis are on cohorts and charge everyone a flat rate of 150 baht. Absurd. In Bangkok we managed cheaper car rides.

But nothing compares to the glorious costs of Chiang Mai, my favorite city in Thailand. Chiang Mai, where people play along with the negotiation game, where you get the best pad thai dinner for just 25 baht, and in this city you eat cheap, freshly cut fruit for 10-20 baht.

Don’t get me wrong I am truly enjoying Koh Phangan. We had a wonderful time at the food market tonight, bought fresh mango and took it home for dessert. But I would love to avoid going to the ATM and paying that awful withdrawal fee. But as the Italians would say “que sera sera” and as my friend Renee Strauss would say “the best is yet to come.”

And as I say, what the hell, I’m only in Thailand for another week.




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