Final Exam and Chapter Six

There is so much to say about Koh Phangan it’s hard to know where to start. The majority of our time on the island has been scuba diving so I gues we will begin there.

We decided to dive with Haad Yao divers, located on the western shore of the island in the Haad Yao (haad means bay). I honestly cannot say enough about the people and the teaching at this center! Kate and I really enjoyed our classes and diving with Nick our instructor. Nick guided us through the five chapters of the open water diving course with ease.

We also got to know some of the other instructors when we went on boat trips to dive Sail Rock and Koh Tao. Our final day pretty much sums up our entire experience diving. We woke, met Nick for some review and took our exam, no problem. We joked around a bit, got our equipment together and went into Haad Yao for a final dive. It was fun, relaxing and of course educational. We did some final skills to prove to Nick that we knew what we were doing and then just played around.

After lunch we had our final wrap up and were told that we had to still cover chapter 6. There was no chapter six in the book, so Nick explained: chapter 6 is an initiation by the people at Haad Yao divers. They make a bucket for you (a bucket is an alcoholic drink usually with coke, Thai whiskey and red bull) and you must do the scuba diving five point decent as you begin to drink. And it is timed.

Kate and I laughed but obliged. We began our check; snorkel in, okay, going down, there’s the bucket, there’s the toilet, regulator (straw) in, and down we went. For 1:45 seconds we chugged a bucket.


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