A Day In Fredricksburg

While the northeast hunkered down for winter storm Nemo, I made a day trip to Fredricksburg, V.A. to visit my lovely step-sister Sarah.

The idea came to mind as I was researching places to visit outside of D.C. without a car.

The train ride to Fredricksburg cost $24 each way and takes 1.5 hours. It’s an easy trip from Union Station or Alexandria.

When I arrived in Fredricksburg it was a scene out of a movie; the sunshine, the near empty train station as the Amtrak train pulled away. There was no waiting room, no ticket counter, simply a Bavarian restaurant and the exit to downtown Fredricksburg.


Sarah and I met outside the station and walked five blocks to a small and somewhat hidden cafe called Here & Abroad (1004 Princess Anne Street). Here & Abroad makes crafty deli sandwiches on fresh croissants. Sarah had a tuna melt and I scarfed down a turkey sandwich with brie cheese and raspberry mayo.


With full and satisfied bellies we walked the streets of downtown Fredricksburg exploring antique shoppes and vintage clothing stores. There’s also the occasional mid to high end boutique.

There are also several historically sights in Fredricksburg, many of the historic residences on lower Caroline Street and the government buildings on Princess Anne Street.

The final part of our day in Fredricksburg was for one of our favorite sister snacks, cupcakes! Colonial Cupcakes let’s you choose a cupcake flavor then an icing before they create your cupcake. After your mini cake is iced there is a sprinkle bar with various colors and flavors of swirls and jimmies!



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