#BikeDC: Get Cherry Blossom Ready

Megan and Andrew share a ride #BikeDC

There are so many wonderful thing to do and see in D.C. that I’ve taken some time off from travel and made a point to spend more time in this city where I live.

This past weekend, while the weather was not as spring-like as I’d hoped, I managed to bundle up and hop on my bike as transportation to most of my weekend plans.

As the Cherry Blossom Festival begins in the District, I encourage everyone to take advantage of the fact that D.C. is one of the most bike-able cities (and yes, I’ve been to Amsterdam, where people look at you funny if you’re not on a bike).

If you are visiting D.C. biking is the best way to get around, especially on the weekends when metro can run slow. Capital Bike Share (CaBi) allows you to grab a bike and return it at a different Capital Bike Share station in the city. For $7 you can rent a bike for 24 hours, $15 for a three day pass and $25 for 30 days. This pricing allows you to take as many trips as you’d like, and the first 30-minutes are free.

A great place to ride is on the National Mall where you can jump from museum to museum with little hassle. The Mall can get exhausting especially in the summer heat, biking around give you ease in your travels.


-Biking from Union Station to the Jefferson Memorial, allows for easy access to all of the museums along the national mall. You can also take in the beautiful views around Capitol Hill. If you want a small detour before heading toward Jefferson, head to Barracks Row for some grub. There are great restaurants like Ted’s Bulletin and Belga Cafe.

-Biking from Arlington to The White House is a nice down hill journey, so make sure to save energy if you plan to bike back to Arlington. The Mount Vernon trail leads right to the Tidal Basin where you can catch a peak at the Cherry Blooms. Beware of crowds in this area for the next month or so though.

-Biking from Northwest DC (Dupont) to The White House, is a quick and easy ride. Most of the streets in this downtown area are marked with bike lanes. From 15th Street NW, you can take the bike lane to the White House and continue down Pennsylvania Ave. From there head towards the National Mall. If you bike to 9th Street NW, cross over to the SW side (on the other side of the mall), be sure to check out some modern art at the Hirshhorn.

-And of course a blog post of mine would not be complete without an alcohol suggestion. From New York Ave. take the Metropolitan Branch Trail to 8th Street NE (near Catholic University). As you exit the trail Chocolate City Brewery is to the right. Stop in between 12:30-4:30 on Saturday for a free tasting. Then continue on and bike around the area known as “Little Vatican City”. The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is sure to be decked out for the upcoming Palm Sunday and subsequent Easter holiday.


Bike Shares are all over the globe, so I highly encourage you to look into biking everywhere you go! It’s such a great way to get around and take in the sights. Check out all the places where you can bike share:

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