Portland, Oregon


Woodlark Hotel – it’s near everything in the “old city” area of Portland. Easy for walking, biking, and strollers.
I would also recommend an AirBnB in either the Richmond neighborhood or Ladd’s Addition. Ladd’s Addition is just a really unique area.
Food carts – just walk around, you’ll find one to your liking. I liked a boa buns place called Boa Boa on 3rd and Washington.
Voo doo/ blue star – they are doughnuts, good ones,  neither will make you see god. If you’re ambivalent about donuts (like me) I would do neither and save your sugar overload for the ice cream.
Fifty Licks – ice cream.
Salt and Straw – more ice cream, I liked Fifty Licks better
Wiz Bang Bar – the soft serve off-shoot of Salt and Straw
Tasty & Alder/Tasty & Daughters – sister restaurants with very different menus, both fantastic food and cocktails
Bollywood Theater
Luc Lac Vietnamese
Modern Times
Little Beast
Back Pedal
Von Ebert (fried food)
The Big Legrowlski
Powell’s Books – great for new or used, excellent condition
Pittock Mansion – pretty interesting tour of the property, belonged to a Portland mover and shaker. You can hike up the mansion, if you’re up for a walk. Beautiful scenery along the way. I took a route that went past the Japanese Garden and arboretum.

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