About Alex Zuckerman

Hey there! Thanks for visiting “Taking It All In” a project of mine that started back in college as a way for people to see my journalism. Since then it has evolved to so much more.  This is so meaningful in many ways and I hope you will take something away from these travels, trials and trails.

I’m a passionate news and music junkie with an addiction to coffee and morning talk shows. Born and raised in Princeton, N.J. but moved to Washington, D.C. after graduating from college to pursue journalism.

I’m a traveler and love learning about other people and their ways of life; everyone has a story. Another interest you’ll find featured on this blog is food, both homemade recipes and restaurant reviews.

“Taking It All In” is a means for me to share an intense curiosity. I believes that it’s important to question everything around you and learn as much as possible about the people you meet and the places you go — and have a great time along the way.