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Being in Nature

There’s something about taking a trip outside the city with some good friends that can really brighten up a week. On Monday I started planning this Saturday adventure by asking my friend Dan… Continue reading

Growing up in Princeton

Over the weekend I went home to my mom’s house in Princeton, New Jersey to celebrate her birthday. But it just so happened to be Easter weekend so the entire family was in… Continue reading

#BikeDC: Get Cherry Blossom Ready

There are so many wonderful thing to do and see in D.C. that I’ve taken some time off from travel and made a point to spend more time in this city where I… Continue reading

Out of Hibernation

Every year the District of Columbia follows a seasonal cycle. When the cold of late November trickles in the city becomes somewhat of a deserted and abandoned city. There are few signs of… Continue reading

D.C. Brew Tour: Libations and Law

This weekend my friend Alli organized for a group of us to get together for a beer tour at D.C.’s first brewery, D.C. Brau (Founded in 2009). It was one of those cold Saturday… Continue reading

Fall in a photo

Fall in a photo

I thought this picture captured fall.

#Egypt #Mubarakout

As the Twitter trending and my recent use of hashtags would suggest, the crisis in Egypt (and now the “new Egypt”) is something I am interested in following.  I am also finding that… Continue reading

A city girl

After five months of traveling around Europe and now settling into my new apartment in Manhattan I can be absolutely certain that I am a city girl. Sure I can appreciate the beauty in the country side… Continue reading

Life as a Coffee Bean

For my final project abroad I put together a piece that combines my passion for video with my addiction to coffee.   For six months I frequented coffee shops through Central London.  One in… Continue reading

Being a regular

For one of my classes we had to read about London culture in Kate Fox’s Watching the English, and of course the pub is a well known staple of life in England.  In… Continue reading