Time Travel Is Possible

Disclaimer: I wrote most of this on little to no sleep. It is currently 7:30am on Sunday morning in Kathmandu. Hello from the future! After a long day, almost a full 24 hours,… Continue reading

“I’m going to Asia in January want to come?”

It started a few months ago, the planning for this trip, I was asked a simple–probably joking question and I said yes! It occurred to me this morning driving to JFK that I… Continue reading

Fall in a photo

Fall in a photo

I thought this picture captured fall.

Peanut Butter Cookie Day

For those of you who don’t follow food blogs as much as my roommate Hannah, you might be surprised to find out that Peanut Butter Cookie Day has come and gone. But never… Continue reading

Eating my way through Texas

Exploring Texas is all about the food. Whether in Houston at the Rodeo or in Austin at a local coffee shop everywhere you go you notice nuances of an unexpected foodie culture. Dosey-Doe… Continue reading


Recently I have been doing video production for a small start-up company in Princeton, NJ, here are two of the videos I have done for them, they are featured in a weekly newsletter… Continue reading

Production Reel

Thanks for visiting my website, please take a look at my production reel. All material is my own, shot, edited and produced by Alex Zuckerman.

Police Enforce Window Tint Regulations

The Syracuse Police are launching a program that emphasizes driver awareness. As part of this program the traffic unit is enforcing a policy to pull over drivers with tinted windows that are darker… Continue reading

#Egypt #Mubarakout

As the Twitter trending and my recent use of hashtags would suggest, the crisis in Egypt (and now the “new Egypt”) is something I am interested in following.  I am also finding that… Continue reading

Living with HIV