Northside Heroes No Longer Unsung


Fall is ‘leafing’ CNY

Empire Corridor

Check out my story on changes to the New York train system!

A city girl

After five months of traveling around Europe and now settling into my new apartment in Manhattan I can be absolutely certain that I am a city girl. Sure I can appreciate the beauty in the country side… Continue reading

Life as a Coffee Bean

For my final project abroad I put together a piece that combines my passion for video with my addiction to coffee.   For six months I frequented coffee shops through Central London.  One in… Continue reading

Praha with the Mama

La Vie Boheme The Easter Market When traveling to Prague it is important to note the time of year.  I suggest spring or Christmas time.  During the spring the city comes to life… Continue reading


You know when that perfect song plays on your ipod at just the right moment? Well on the 45 minute flight from London Heathrow to Amsterdam Schipol airports I decided to put my… Continue reading

I like to say ‘cheers!’

This weekend I had my first opportunity to play host. Kathleen came to London and  I was so excited to show her around because I have a good grasp of the city and… Continue reading

Aye Yankee!

This is a week delayed, but I’m sure those of you reading this can appreciate that I do not want to spend all of my time in front of a computer with all… Continue reading

Being a regular

For one of my classes we had to read about London culture in Kate Fox’s Watching the English, and of course the pub is a well known staple of life in England.  In… Continue reading