One Fine Day

Today marks the best day of my life! Okay that’s a big statement, but honestly, sometimes it really is the little things in life that make you realize how fortunate you are. This… Continue reading

You say tomato, I say f*** you.

Tomato or tom-ah-to. Silly changes in words mean so much to the people of England.  Learning the “proper” English lingo has been quite exciting.  From walking to the tube station or going to… Continue reading

Pirate Alien Space Landing

Today we went to see some rocks.  Yes, of course, the most famous rocks in all of England, Stonehenge.  Our tour guide, Dave, was very interesting in that before we got off the… Continue reading

Watch the tram car please, week in review.

During my childhood my family and friends would vacation at a small beach just outside the trashy part of Wildwood.  And if you’ve been to Wildwood, you know why I emphasize the fact… Continue reading

Just like Bedknobs and Broomsticks

While the Disney movies of London streets are filled with wild magical tales, the actual London streets have hidden treasures around every corner. On day three we went on a walking tour of… Continue reading

Day 2

My thoughts on London so far are positive.  But part of me thinks I’m not as far from home as I actually am.  Except for the posh accents and looking right and then… Continue reading

Foggy Day in Londontown

Day 1 in London is coming to a close.  It’s funny to say ‘day 1’ because I got on a plane at Newark airport at 9:45 on Monday and now it is Tuesday… Continue reading

Sleigh ride with some friends of mine

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Now naysayers I do not want to hear you complain because quite frankly nothing you say about the holiday season can bring this… Continue reading



So last night I got to attend an event for Syracuse’s Beer Week! It was very cool, especially talking to the drunk 40 something year old men, they crack me up! But here… Continue reading